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ETEC Premier


The ETEC slot bases offer the best bang for the buck. This line of slot bases was designed with the Essential frame and a standard metal top with pre-punched holes for games and power. Mouse hole covers and plugs make end panels an option, not a necessity. Want to add a little flair to your floor? End panels will dress them up.

  • Essential frame

  • Pre-punched for game patterns

  • Modular components for flexible floor design

  • 14 gauge steel reinforced top

  • Large door opening is tech friendly

  • Heavy duty reinforced frame construction

  • Closed sides and open back

  • Mouse hole kits (covers exposed hole, no end panels needed)



  • Sliding bracket top

  • Base tops available in 3” and 4” nose

  • LED lighting under the nose

  • USB port in the nose

  • Wood or metal end panels

ETEC Pinnacle

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